Carry Concealed Weapons Permit Class

Course Description: Designed to prepare and provide participants with everything they’ll need to qualify, and apply for the States CWFL license requirements. This class is taught by accredited instructors making it easy to fulfill the State requirement for competency with a handgun. Regardless of your skill or experience level prior to attending this 2 hour course, you’ll leave with a firm understanding of the laws and regulations governing the use of firearms/weapons, and a sense of competency in handling your own firearm. This course is not like the typical CCW class, you will become comfortable with your firearm and discharge several rounds showing proficiency. Your instructor will review with you all the required forms, you’ll receive your official Training Certificate (upon completion) and a course packet with many other useful resources.

Course Requirements: A U.S. citizen or permanent resident alien, 21 years of age or older, NO felony convictions, NO misdemeanor convictions for crimes of domestic violence,  NO record of drug or alcohol abuse, NOT under a restraining order for violence, NOT been adjudicated incompetent, The ability to demonstrate competency with a handgun (safe handling, loading, unloading and firing)

Fees: $75.00, Includes Classroom and Range Instruction, Fingerprint Card, Application. Firearm, ammunition, and range fees are the students responsibility. Firearms are available for rent through the range should the student not have their own handgun.